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Wing Chun is designed to be practical. Therefore, every exercise and every drill develops skills and responses that are to be used against real threats.


Personal protection is becoming more essential in today's unpredictable & potentially dangerous society. People need a method of protection that works regardless of body type, gender and a persons size or strength. Our method uses minimal effort or the least amount of physical force required to overcome larger, stronger opponents.  


You will learn these authentic skills within an informal training environment, allowing individuals to progress at their own pace and explore their own individuality. During your training at the Walsall branch, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills in a safe, friendly and open atmosphere.


Techniques are drilled repetitiously in solo training and with a partner to ensure they become extremely familiar. These same techniques are then explored in free application and 'Chi Sau'; a free-flowing and un-rehearsed exchange of techniques.


Our primary focus is on self-protection. However, through training you will benefit from improved physical fitness, mental and physical relaxation, boosts to confidence and self-discipline and a reduction in stress levels through mental focus. All of this, and more besides, can be employed to enhance all aspects of daily life.